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shutter island movieWe went to Holy Family Medical Center in Des Plaines today for my chest x-ray. Since I am not yet driving my Ninong Art generously drove me to the hospital. My hubby had a meeting in his school for their Nursing curriculum that is why he was not able to accompany me. I hope the hospital will send the x-ray result to Dr. Paresh Patel after 24-48 hours. I had my PDD (Purified protein derivative) skin test three days ago and the result is positive that is why I have to go a chest x-ray to find out if I have active TB. I hope the result will be negative. After the check-up we went to Burger King for some snacks. I had BK fish filet sandwich and an oreo shake. I wanted the grilled chicken but it’s already Lenten season and it’s Friday so I do not want to eat meat. For our dinner I did not cook meat either; instead we had grilled salmon and mixed vegetables in a butter sauce.

When we came home, hubby was already at home. My Ninang and Ninong asked if we want go out to¬†watch a movie. I told them that Weng could go and i will just stay at home to watch baby Joshua. I think they are going to see the movie of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Shutterfly. While I am waiting for my husband I thought to blog for a little bit.